Three applications for the motorcyclist

Three applications for the motorcyclist

Mobile applications for motorcyclists are a rather specific development that have to take into account a lot of parameters. This is not just entertainment for bikers, but an opportunity to call a tow truck, send a signal for help, get important advice, find a trusted service station or a scarce spare part. The requirements for bikers, as well as for any people united by one goal and dream, are specific and it is important that the application fully covers these needs.

Modern applications allow you to record and correct the route, share it, read and apply various marks, collect statistics and monitor the main parameters of the motorcycle. The main advantage is that they are installed on a regular smartphone and some of them fully function offline - everything is simple.

Today we will look at 3 applications that are the most interesting in terms of functionality.


Now you can register and use many features: chats, blog, search and adding routes. This is not an ordinary development, because here you can not only completely immerse yourself in the life around a motorcycle, but also improve your knowledge of cryptocurrency. This application for motorcyclists and bikers has a large section with information about crypto exchanges, blockchain and bitcoins.


  • Absolutely free development.
  • The ability to earn points for activity - creating a topic in the chat, recommending to friends, likes, adding photos, comments, creating an accessible route and other actions. The received points can be exchanged for services or purchases.
  • Multilingual - now the interface is available in English, Spanish, Russian and other languages.
  • Route recording and sharing - the ability to put key positions on the map: Help, Ambush, etc.
  • Display of the rolled mileage.
  • The opportunity to share tips, experience, trusted stores and service stations with participants.


  • Maps do not work offline.

After the launch of the mobile version, even more interesting features are expected to be added.

Yamaha MyRide

The application is available on Google Play, AppStore and on the website.

The application is a gift from the developers of the Yamaha brand. In online mode, the user can control various parameters of his motorcycle: acceleration, angle of inclination, speed. All routes traveled are stored in the application's memory, if desired, any trip can be shared with other users. With the application, it is convenient to collect statistical data on skated tracks and even different motorcycles.


  • Affordable product, no ads.
  • Built-in gamification.
  • Reproduces important movement parameters: angle of inclination, speed.


  • Not all motorcycle brands can be added to a profile. If this is not a common company, the application will return Other brand/ Other bike.
  • To find someone else's route, you will have to make an effort - the filter system is still work in progress.
  • The socialization function is under development, making friends with other users isn’t yet possible.

Users note that the application has been in trouble more than once. For example, last year, as a result of a database breakdown, some of the information was lost. Participants complained that they completely or partially lost their saved routes. After a while, the database was restored, but during the period when it was reanimated, new registered accounts disappeared. After a short period of time, the application overtook another misfortune - the permission request for geolocation broke down. Now everything is working properly, but users should be aware of such shortcomings.


There is a free version and paid for $29.99/year.

The development combines a “smart” navigator and the basics of a social network. The program will help you to create the best route in a given territory according to your points.


  • Social communication is well developed - the ability to add friends, create interest groups, comment on posts.
  • The ability to share the route, make it public (in whole or in part).
  • Creation of group trips.
  • There is a site where you can view other people's posts, comment, see photos.


  • The search for routes does not always work correctly, it may show the wrong country.
  • Adding a friend is difficult, you need to search by full name.

The paid version has its own perks: offline maps, the ability to share location, ridesharing without restrictions. The free version is also quite enough for productive use.

The best app for motorcyclists and bikers - CryptoMoto
The best app for motorcyclists and bikers - CryptoMoto
Last Modified: 2023-08-06

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